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After a car accident leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, you need to find help as soon as possible. Your phone screen broken by the crash, you're unable to call for help, but can read incoming text messages from concerned family and friends as you make your way towards a distant cabin - the only sign of life around...

From the creators of Causeway, experience a beautiful yet harrowing story of love and loss.

"While the game ends once I reached the cabin, its story lingered in my mind for a while. Games can be so loud and boisterous; No Response is a moment for quiet reflection that I greatly appreciated." - Shonté Daniels, Paste Magazine


Carrie France

Emma Houghton

Jamie K King

Andrew Lindsay

Alexander Tarvet


NoResponse.zip 671 MB


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What a beautiful game, I loved the experienc


Trying to play it on PC, but keep getting a crash right after the title, is this a known issue?

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i am having the same problem here, have you found a solution?

I kinda knew what was coming but gosh darn it I still cried like a baby. Made me realize I wouldn't be able to deal with grief if and when it happens to me in real life. Now I'm sad AND scared.

Amazing and beautiful game though, it's me who has issues :(

Great game, gave me goosebumps.

This was so good ..amazing graphics..and yeah sad story 

I absolutely love the graphics and the Waiting this was so beautiful This made me cry <3

I really enjoyed it, great art piece and good narrative, not revealing too much until the climax. Thank you for the experience.

Ngl this game hit me deep man, wished it was longer. Great story.

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This game was beautiful and told its story really well. The messages were well written and felt like something someone would actually type and mixed with the environment; which looks fabulous, was really fun to experience. (Video below if anyone wants to watch!)

The colours of the game and sespecially the sun rays looked really good and set the tone for everything pretty well! The way it goes from evening to night was also a good transition as it went together with the mood and tone of the story.

Was a great game to play, and was super nice to experience and take in the story!

Good atmosphere. Very nice graphics.

A beautiful but short game. The atmosphere is so sad... Loved it.

The ending was...something but i still enjoyed the game nevertheless


Well done, atmospheric, keeps you going on...

i was not expecting that ending but besides that it was a wonderful game!!

Late to the party, this game left an impression , thank you

No Commentary

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This game grabs onto your mouse for dear life (doesn't even let go in the pause menu), fullscreens on my second monitor (a monitor that I have never made default for any program on my computer) without asking, plays a loud noise at the very start with no warning or volume options AT ALL, crashed after I alt-tabbed (requiring me to end the program in task manager), fullscreened itself again on launch, and re-fullscreened after pressing the start button.


Wow! this gave me such a weird nostalgic vibe. Before I got to that tunnel everything was so beautiful, cool, but I realized that this tunnel is there for reason. That anxiety feeling... Wow. Even through it's very short- it's touching..


I really enjoyed this game AND was too dumb to see the ending coming lol! Great job guys at Yarn Spinner. I'll check out another one of your games in the future!

Very nice short journey, I adore the art. So amazing. Made a short  non spoiler "trailer" like vid for it.


What a beautiful little game. I really liked the way we went through their memories as we walked, it just felt really nostalgic. I like how the game is silent and kind of calm (?) even though the character is in a tough situation.

It took me a little bit of time, but when I realized what the tunnel part meant I found it very touching. I just really, really liked this game.

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I didn't realized what the tunnel part meant. Can you tell me?

Well, it is spoilers, but I guess it's something like the tunnel with the light at the end of it. In other words, the moment she died.

No wonder why the texts were all "Come back" and you couldn't come back anymore, the tunnel was blocked.

What texts, I haven't seen any.

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Thank you.


Really loved the game. I think the most powerful moment is when you realize, and this feeling builds up too. Without any spoilers, I thought the ending could be more meaningful somehow. In other words, I had a feeling it just clarified what I had already figured out, and it lacked some piece of new information maybe? Just thoughts.


This game impacted me in a small way that I experienced what it is to really lose someone beyond your reach, especially if it's a person you really love and care. All with a carefully-chosen color palette, and with convincingly peaceful music, which all reflects the themes this 670MB-heck of a title delivers.

Anyone feeling bored and craving for a mind refresh from all the clusterfork this world has become should try immersing in this game themselves, if only at least once in their lives.


I liked the reading phone aspect of storytelling- it worked great for the message and it didn't feel forced. 

A very nice game, i like how sky has been coloured and interaction with phone was interesting. It was slow pased but for what it is at the end its just what it needed to be ^^ thank you for a nice game ^^


Such a nice game.The game kinda reminded me of firewatch.


beautiful graphics. loved the color tone and low poly style. it had an interesting ending and story. well done game, kudos! wouldn't mind checking out other yarns you've made


Beautiful game. I knew fully what was going to happen by the time i reached the trail, but it still hit me hard. I think the U shaped design so that you can see the end from the beginning, and vice versa, makes the story even more impactful.


Awesome game! I recommended it in my latest video! Great job!!

OMG I LOVE this kind of game, realy enjoyed, hope you do more =D


This game hit me man. loved it even though I wish it was longer.


A fun little game that gave some nice hints for the player to pick up on.


Great game!  I love the style... you know what?  Here's my review!


Your game is amazing, i made a gameplay in portuguese

Seu jogo é incrível, eu fiz uma gameplay em português


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

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This was very emotional.


Short and emotional. I love this type of graphics. I'm sure that this story touched some people very deeply. I wish I could interact with more objects within the game to understand the background stories. I just wanted to leave some honest opinions here. Thank you so much. Stay healthy and creative. :)

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