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In Her Footsteps is a short story about mending a broken heart from the award-nominated creators of CausewayNo Response and Helmouth Halls

In Her Footsteps - Official Trailer

Created By

Carrie France

Alexander Tarvet

Jamie K King

Andrew Lindsay

Arran Tarvet

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(72 total ratings)
AuthorYarn Spinner
Tags3D, Female Protagonist, First-Person, Lesbian, LGBT, Narrative, Queer, Relaxing, Story Rich, Walking simulator


In Her Footsteps.zip 165 MB


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That birds eye view ending is genuine.


It's an interesting little project. You walk around a pretty island as a short story unfolds in front of you. It's sweet and the ending was especially heart warming but I can't help but feel that a few things were a bit off.

Your movement speed is capped which makes for a nice calm walk, but there was that one path down to a beach of some sort which I would've visited out of curiosity, yet there was this repeating piano that was playing for the first half of the story, which probably aimed to raise tension (calm piano music came in halfway in and it was lovely). But it just made me wanna quickly keep moving forward as to not constantly hear that piano in my head. The second thing that stuck out was the time duration before the images in front of you faded. You practically walked inside them and then you saw them disappear. This made them feel very 2D. If they faded a bit sooner, just before you could reach them, that would've been much more immersive in my opinion.
Overall it was a lovely 10min. Can't wait to see what the devs do next.


I loved the ending the most - especially when it zoomed out on the island. It was really beautiful and wrapped the game up nicely.


This was so simple, but at the same time so sweet and heartfelt and truly beautiful.

The Yarn Spinner troupe have a unique talent of telling us stories with minimal (or no) words, and it really does blow me away.

As with No Response, the story unfurls as we navigate our way around the scenery, but this time it's a hopeful, wonderful ending that made me feel all gooey on the inside. And I'm not ashamed to admit that!

If you want to walk around a very pretty looking island whilst watching a tale be told before your eyes, then give this a shot. It's a calming, gorgeous way to spend half an hour or so of your day =)


SO CUTE +_+ I'm your fan now, deal with it.

I can't download, what can I do?
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Yeah...that's now a great comment....keep it to yourself next time?...


I loved this. It's an amazing game with a beautiful story and cute graphics. I can't wait to see what you make next!


Ever fall in love on a day that's rainy but not? In her footsteps will teach you the meaning of true love and that it's not about who owns a boat or not!


this is so cool!


Loved the experience. It was a nice little trip around an island, feeling like you're experiencing moments in time as two fall in love. Super wholesome.
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The heart at the end robbed me of a smile. By the way, the two girls are very cute.


Here is my review! Even though the game didn't move me quite like I was expecting. I still wish you guys the best and cant wait to see what you'll make next.

Kind of a dickhead video along with the title don't you think?.. Giving the game bad rep because you're in need of views. Sad.


Nah, I said what I said. I gave reasons why the game wasn't very good. How am I giving the game a bad rep if Im struggling for views like you say. Pull punches for what? Sugarcoat my experience for what? The game was bad. Nice artstyle even though everything was almost the same color. The story was told in 4 thought bubbles that only showed punctuation, a chefs hat, and 2 different flavored cupcakes. Im sorry DD60. But unless this was a trailer for a new bakery or something this game was horrible and I stand by that. Horrible take my friend you're smarter than this.


I think your video was fine. Perhaps a bit crass to up the entertainment value, but your criticisms weren't unfair, save for the few times you tried to use your prior videogame knowledge to, what is essentially, an art project.


What gave you the impression that this was just an art project? In the first few sentences on the page are links to other games so I think its safe to approach this "project" as a game as well. I'm looking at the comments and Its just boggling that everyone who says this game is boring gets slammed with down votes. Like did we play the same game? The art IS pretty but probably should differ a bit more in its color palette. The music is boring and repetitive. The story bubbles that told the story made zero sense. Caseaway, no response, and helmouth halls all look like much better experiences but it seems like JUST because this "story" revolves around Lesbian lovers it is immune to criticism. I understand representation is important and all that but this echo chamber of praise probably will do more harm than good in the long run.


Nice game. I like how it is just a walking simulator that showed me a story instead of telling it, really refreshing.

Gonna buy the game cause I really liked it, great job!


Very nice, maybe with a somewhat cliché story, but beautiful after all.
I liked the game :).